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1. Can I choose any sport for my child or is there any dominance factor in sports selection?

Every sport is not for everybody. Dominance type plays a vital part in selection of sports. Sports have dominance factors which enables one to perform the best and become an elite player.

2. What does every expectator expect who are sitting and standing in and around the play ground, looking at you?

The expectators have a dream, hope, faith, trust that you will WIN. You are their superhero, no one can defeat you.
So in order to achieve this you need to develop innate potentials to beat your opponent. You need to have extensive physical, mental, moral booast up, strong practice of your game and above all efficient vision to improve your performance to much higher level than your opponent.

3. Is it enough to wear corrective lenses for improving the sporting ability?

A well selected corrective lenses is definitely very important but it is not enough to optimize the performance.
Sport vision is not just reading the bottom line of a test chart, it also considers and corrects the dynamic vision, visual memory, eye movement, central and peripheral awareness, reaction time.

4. Is sport vision evaluation possible to be done by an optometrist or it needs some specialist for it?

Sportvision trainer are Optometrist who are trained to do sportvision evaluation and help you to reason your difficulties and give you answers to your mistakes in sports and help you in overcoming your problems.